You have similar values
Marriage cannot survive on love alone, so when you find that you have the same views on issues like work, money, raising children, religion and values, it indicates that you’re set to take the leap.

You’ve made plans for the future with her
If you’ve actuated discussions with your girlfriend regarding things like which house to purchase, which investment is more suitable, having children and retirement plans, you’re set to propose.

You’ve discovered your desire to be a father
You’re are set to marry when you truly embrace the idea of being a father, start conveying it to your girlfriend how awesome of a dad you will be, and start visualizing names of your would-be children.

You’ve completely grown out of your bachelor ways
You’re all set to marry when you no longer find it appealing meeting-up new women and don’t feel like participating in the singles’ scene.

You simply can’t wait to get home to her
Often when you’re out of town, you wish she could there with you. Vice versa, when she has gone out, you excitedly wait for her to come back. You call her up daily, and relay all the details of your day and crave to hear about hers. All these things indicate you’re ready.

Marriage means taking the big leap towards a new life. So what are the indicators that you are all set to go down on one knee to pop the magical question “Will you marry me”?
Here are the five signs that you’re set to make an offer of marriage.