Stay clear off having same passwords across all the apps. Use tricky passwords and make them unique for each site. It’ll make it tougher hacking into your account.

Don’t retain one password for long spans of time – it encourages hackers to break into your system. Develop a habit of changing passwords in short spans, especially ones linked to your banking accounts.

Install a genuine antivirus application – and keep it up to date. To counter the moves of malicious viruses and hackers use Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac. A warning pops up whenever you enter a risky territory – to enable you to take an informed decision – whether or not you would like to move ahead to a link.

Deactivate all sharing preferences in the sharing pane – including iTunes and iPhotos. At some point if there’s a need to share – limit the access of other systems to your personal Mac. You can do that by activating the firewall settings. Use break-proof password combinations for remote login – it’s the most vulnerable.

If an email is not coming from a trustworthy resource – then it’ll be better that you don’t open it. Think twice or even thrice – and scan the content minutely before downloading any attachments. If it seems suspicious – verify from the sender and then download.