Apple app
We othen tend to forget where we parked our car especially when the car is left at a car park. Apple has developed a solution that will end your panic for good. The solution is an app that has the ability to tell the user where the car is.

A good thing about this app is that it works without an Internet connection and enable a user to locate his/her car even if it were lost in an underground park. This app has drawn public attention owing to the patent applications that are coming from the Cupertino based company. As per publishing by US Patent and Trademark Office, the service will be fused with Apple Maps to enable user spot a car accurately. The device-car connectivity does away with the need for an internet connection.

As per speculations the car-tracking service is similar to the one employed by Google. The user, merely has to drop a pin on the the map pointing where the car has been parked. Later, to locate the car the user has to simply load up the app and follow the directions shown on the iOS device.

No information has been released as to when the service would be opened to users, however, it is one of the many innovations that Apple will be launching as part of its ‘Car Play’ initiative. Sounds cool, isn’t it?