Are reality shows real?Reality shows are fun to watch and it doesn’t matter whether we criticize them as fake. This is true that most of the reality shows mediate around a particular event which viewers can relate to any show. The concept however is becoming soporific as many reality shows come every week. The viewers therefore look for a reality show that will give the best entertaining value and relates to the real life of the viewers. But it is not possible to come up with original ideas to hold the viewers interest and some fake shows in the name of reality shows are telecasts.

Now the question is reality shows real?:

Now the question is reality shows realThe reality lies in the type of television programming for which purpose the series is unscripted for creating dramatic and humorous situations. They try to feature ordinary people instead of professional actors but recently this concept is also changing. In 1990, the first series of Big brother was emerged and the concept of reality show changed.  A recent show Big Boss uses celebrities emerged in the Indian television industry also. Initallyt, the reality shows were focused on game shows but now it is not necessary that these shows will a game show as it can be comedy, singing, dancing, adventure etc.. There are some shows that cast celebrities while some uses common man to show it off as real as ordinary men. As these shows have most of the jazz and the mystery of what will happen next, these shows are most watched and revenue generating for the media industry. Now lets move on to find the answer to the question are reality shows real?

IS It Reality or Fake?:

The answer is a no as per my thinking. In old times, when there were different forms of reality and people tend to show real emotion and behavior. However, in recent times, the episodes are hyped with artificial behavior and funny acts for entertainment. Now days, there are several types of reality show ideas for talent hunts, game shows and stunt competition in which contestants perform to win huge sums of money.

Whether such shows need scripts?:

Whether such shows need scriptsThe super hit series of Big brother lead to the success of reality shows. In this show, the less famous celebrities had to live with strangers for 24 hours and have to compete with each other to become the last survivor and win the show. In such shows, there is no need for scripting, only the rules and regulations have to be made and further course of action is carried out on the basis of the characters present in the show. Drama is created when people interact with each other, make comments and start developing any kind of jealousy among each other. The effects of such reality show are stupendous as viewers, entertainment channels are coming up with different types of reality shows in which they don’t need to form any scripts. But some of the reality shows that involves some real videos like academic training, police chases etc. are real.

Are these Shows Staged?:

Are these Shows StagedMost of the reality shows are staged as the performance has to take place on a stage. Some of the names of such shows are American Idol, America’s next top model, The Apprentice of America Media industry and Indian Idol, Dance India Dance, Spiltsvilla, Roadies of Indian Media industry. All these reality shows get fresh and young faces to world from different parts of the country. The producers of the show get the real drama when such people from different parts live together show some differences among each other. Some of these shows continued for a long time while some don’t have good faith

To conclude, we can say that how much we scrutinize the reality of such shows, we can never be sure of how much the reality is there. So as far as they are entertaining us, we should give a applaud to the efforts of the creators of such reality shows.