With iOS 8 Email will be like walk in the park. Before, by swiping left on an email the options that appeared were “More” and “Archive.” Now, swiping left you are enabled to hit “More,” “Flag” or “Trash.” By swiping right, you can “Mark as Unread.”

Bad autocorrects is a thing of past with the new QuickType feature. As you type in iMessage or email words will pop up automatically. IOS will catch the kind of things you normally type and try to imitate your style.

After you have procured your treasured iOS 8, there are some fun features to check out.

Just scrutinize your iMessage. IOS 8 enables you to send voice messages through iMessage. Merely press and hold the little record button in the bottom right of your iMessages to record a message and send it to a friend. If you want to listen to a voice message through iMessage, merely press the play button or hold the iPhone up to your ear.

With iOS you can name your group iMessages and remove yourself (and others) from group messages. Yippee!

Do you have a fitness tracker like a FitBit? Then I am sure you’ll be eager to try out HealthKit. HealthKit transfer the entire data from your fitness tracker(s) to your iPhone and you can share the information with anyone like a doctor.

Keep a back-up of your photos, music and other stuff somewhere other than your iPhone, just in case something goes wrong during the download process. Either back your iPhone up to the iCloud, or just connect iPhone to your PC.

After iTunes identifies your iPhone, press the “iPhone” button in the top right corner of your iTunes library. Next press “Sync” on the bottom right of the screen. The iPhone needs to be plugged in during the entire process; it might take some minutes.

Make sure you have enough storage

iOS updates needs a little more space on your phone, so just clear out whatever you can before downloading stuff. Here’s an easy way to find out how much storage you have left and intuit what apps are taking up the most space:

Just go to Settings. And hit General.