Around 70 per cent of women perceive their skin looks drab, lacks dazzle or features ugly dark shadows or redness when they watch their photos or ‘selfies’ on social media. Around 40 per cent acknowledge they lean on their foundation to fill them with confidence when they’re photographed. After a study Dior has come up with their new titanium-rich foundation, which as per the brand makes users feel instantly more photogenic.

Dubbed Diorskin Star, their new foundation is believed to help women shoot the perfect selfie. It has the quality to catch natural light on the face and boost the cheekbones and eyes while banishing dull skin, shine and wrinkles. The formula was developed after a two-year painstaking work by scientists —- and packs ‘intelligent pigments’ which help diffuse natural and artificial light over the skin.

The light bursting technology thwarts redness and shininess while ‘escalating radiance’, as per the French cosmetics firm. Dior asserts its new foundation, Diorskin Star, enable users look instantly more photo-ready and there’s no need to spend hours in front of the mirror.

This is presumably down to the make-up’s titanium-enriched silica beads, which ‘offset imperfections in colour and texture and rectify unevenness’. The £32 foundation was put to test under everyday conditions and then in a photographic studio using camera flash guns. Hollywood beauty Natalie Portman has been engaged to be face of the foundation.