health assesmentModern era is of cut throat competition in respective field of career.  Man keeps himself busy from dawn to dusk to achieve his goal.  In the present racing life, we have diverted ourselves from the ideal life style that has cost our health.  With the achievement of a prosperous and wealthy life, we have also invited a number of diseases.  It is an open secret that in today’s lavish life style almost all the rich persons are suffering from hyper tension, sugar, cardiac arrest and fatigue etc.

To fight these diseases, our cardinal liability is to get our health assessment tested in the clinics, hospitals and health institutions.  Sensing the health problems, the government of every country across the world have concentrated on health issue of their people and opened a chain of health institutions and also reserved a hefty budget allocation for medical research to keep the research for eradication of diseases going.    A majority of private sector companies have also engaged hospitals and medical institutions of high repute on the panel for health assessment and medical treatment of their employees.  The officials of these companies visit these health centres at a regular interval for checking up of their health parameters or get themselves medically assessed whether they are suffering from any disease or not.  It is a good practice adopted by the employer for the betterment of their employees so that they may give expected output in the interest of the company or organization.

As a rule, this health assessment should be got done by every person, especially crossing the age of 40.  One can go to a government hospital or a private clinic of one’s choice to get oneself tested physically.  If any disease is detected during this assessment, proper medical treatment can be given at the beginning itself.  As it is aware that the health assessment of sports persons is conducted at regular intervals prior to holding of their games and in case of any negative health parameter, the concerned player is dropped from the selection of the team.  But, one beneficial thing is that during this health assessment, the particular disease is detected and cured at a war level.  Take the example of Indian Cricket Team all-rounder Yuvraj Singh, who was diagnosed having a lung cancer.  He was immediately treated in a well reputed hospital of United States of America and ultimately he got rid-off this deadly disease.  And it is a matter of pleasure that he is again playing Cricket for India.  So, it was the health assessment that detected the lung cancer of a Cricket player.

On the other hand, there are common men, who don’t take care of their health and think the health assessment as a farce.  They shirk the visit to a health centre to get themselves medically assessed and at last they have to pay a heavy cost at the risk of their life when they are diagnosed having last stage of deadly disease viz. cancer, asthma and heart blockage.  It is a stage where they suffer twice in the shape of treatment fee and death stroke in a number of cases.

As we are human beings, God has blessed us with a valuable life coupled with talent, so it is imperative on our part to respect life – a life attaching good health by way of workout and balanced diet.  Simultaneously, it is our fundamental duty to get our health assessment conducted from an expert medical practitioner or a reputed health clinic at a fixed schedule of time and age, so that we may lead a happy and healthy life and be fruitful to our family, society and country at large.