Apple’s spanking new front-runner duo, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have eventually landed on shop shelves. Loyal denizens of the Apple fold have been lining up since the early hours to pick up the brand new smartphones, anticipated to be in short supply.

The doubled-down handsets were unveiled almost a week and a half ago at an Apple keynote over in Cupertino, California.

The new phones herald the first time Apple has launched two flagship phones together, with the duplet also breaking Apple ground as the largest smartphones the firm’s ever designed. Ironically, Samsung also opened up pre-orders for its new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 tablet, which is all set to match up to the super-size 5.5-in iPhone 6 Plus.

Samsung not long ago launched a video ad that lambasted the iPhone 6 as an ‘imitated’ version of the Galaxy Note series. Apple’s smartphone release has seen many issues creeping up. The iOS 8 software went live two days ago, however complaints started surfacing about the huge file size and compatibility issues with the increasingly ailing iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 6 has managed only a lowly 17th place on the GPU benchmark charts, and stands behind a pile of smartphones – all of which are older than the new cellular.