Noke-–-The-Padlock-ReliesThe first Bluetooth padlock has been unveiled by the FUZ Designs, a company based in Utah, USA. The gadget dubbed ‘Noke’ and pronounced as ‘no-key’ unlocks without a key. The moment it receives a signal from the Bluetooth of an approved user’s smartphone, it unlocks.

Noke-–-PadlockBy just one tap on the shackle, the gadget comes out of sleep and starts searching for Bluetooth 4.0 signal within a 3-meter range. When it spots the unlocking signal passed on from the user’s smartphone, it unlocks. When the signal moves out of range, it promptly locks again.

Noke-–-The-PadlockFUZ Design team says migrating to Bluetooth from a key brings many benefits. It eliminates the chance of losing a key, PLUS you free yourself from the hassle of forgetting the combination. In case you misplace your smartphone, or its battery goes dead, you can simply unlock Noke by tapping the shackles in a pattern similar to Morse Code that is unique to each Noke.

Noke-–-The-Padlock-that-RelUsing a companion app (offered both on iOS and Android) user can grant access to other person’s smartphones; this access can be configured to full-time, one time, or scheduled. This is a pretty handy thing at times when family members or co-workers need to use an item that has been locked. The gadget is enabled to identifying the user via the app once the battery starts running out. If the battery actually runs out, it can be changed while the lock is in place. The gadget caste from boron and hardened steel is water-resistant.

Noke-–-The-Padlock-that-Relies-on-Bluetooth2FUZ Design is at present engaged in raising funds for the Noke on Kickstarter and a commitment of $59 will guarantee you a unit. The retail price is pegged at $89