Agency, Illinois: In America’s Illinois on Father’s day Nicole Parella did something, that turned out to be a gift to remember. Parella has got bone disease. The bone on the upper-side of one of her knees has 6 fractures, 15 surgeries have been performed till now. That’s why she stays in bed most of the time. In such situation it’s her father Michael who takes care of her most of the time.

Parella had pre-decided to give a special gift to her father on Father’s day. Nicole a few days back had competed in Vijio sponsored ‘National Father’s Day Contest’ and won. She received a 60 inches LCD T.V., which she gifted to her father.

It left her father weeping and overcome by emotion he embraced her daughter. He said, ”I didn’t know why we came to Walmart? But when I watched the video ‘Gift to My Father’ on T.V. I was overwhelmed by happiness.

Michaels says, we are going through a troublesome time, still we entertain each other a lot. He feels pained when he sees her daughter walking with support of a metal rod.

A former naval electrical engineer Micheal with help of a doctor has made a design out of titanium, which lends comfort to Nichole when she walks.