pugs love
Here you see Julian Reynolds with Clive Phillips and Christine Reynolds with bride Betty and groom Albert at their pug wedding

You may now lick the bride! In front of 30 guests a pug couple have tied the knot in a lavish £2,000 ceremony

Say cheese! (L-R) Shona Davies, Chloe Bishop,Julian Reynolds, Jesse Garafalo, John Barratt, Josie Barratt, , Christine Reynolds, Zara Wilde, Clive Phillips and Lindsey Johnson at the pug wedding of Albert and Betty

The pair fell in love after meeting as puppies a year ago and they become inseparable.

Leading up to the big day, Betty had her nails done and her fur trimmed

The owners decided to marry because of the pampered pooches were constantly eating from the same bowl, snuggling on the sofa, washing each other and following each other around adoringly .

Clive Phillips, 76, said special doggy vows on behalf of each canine

Christine, planned a beautiful white wedding at Kitz-Katz cattery in Desborough, Northants, on Sunda

The happy couple and their doggy friends then danced the night away in a hotel nearby,
All their pooch friends came along to witness the couple saying their vows


Albert wore a suit, and Betty wore an L plate and bunny ears as she danced the night away with her doggy pals, pictured, while drinking dog-friendly cocktails