Cutaneous Horns
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Cutaneous horns (cornu cutaneum) emanate when keratin show up in a conical shape and protrudes outward from the skin. Lesions spotted at the base of these horns may be malignant or benign. If a horn happens to sprout on your forehead then don’t assume that you’re now turning into a demon.

Aniridia is a condition that can cause absence of color in the iris, as well as bring on weakened vision and sensitivity to light. It is triggered due to a gene mutation. Aniridia is genetic and a parent with this condition has a 50-percent chance of passing it on to his or her child.

Backward-Bending Knees
Victims of genu recurvatum develop knees that bend backward surprisingly far, to prompt an animal-like appearance. If it is severe it can lead to a congenital dislocation of the knees. Treatment is possible through surgery and physical therapy. Ella Harper (called ‘Camel Girl’), born in Tennessee circa 1870 had genu recurvatum – and she walked on all fours.

Prune Belly
Called Eagle-Barrett syndrome, prune belly syndrome bring on extreme weakness in the abdomen. This causes severe wrinkling and a prune-like appearance. The victim’s bladder turns permanently expanded and difficult to relieve, leading to further medical challenges. 95% cases of Eagle-Barrett syndrome involve males.

Lobster Claws
Called split hand/foot malformation (SHFM), lobster claw syndrome encompass missing fingers or toes along with gaping clefts in the sufferer’s hands or feet. The condition can be called inherited if the hands and feet are all deformed. Lobster claw syndrome doesn’t cause any complicated medical conditions or mental barriers.

Victims of neurofibromatosis have tumors (“neurofibromas”) on their nerves or under the skin. Recklinghausen a type of neurofibromatosis is an inherited condition — parents with Recklinghausen have a 50-percent chance of passing it on to their children. In severe form the bulbous lumps can completely blanket skin.

Supernumerary Nipples
Polythelia is formation of extra nipple along the milk lines, which run from the upper torso to the groin area. However, they may also appear on the thighs, face, and neck. But they are physically harmless. Celebrities like Mark Wahlberg have famously embraced their third nipples. Carrie Underwood got rid of them via surgery which she confessed at her American Idol audition.

The Caudal Appendage
A caudal appendage is a human tail which is uniquely unlike an animal tail. Human tails don’t enable people balance better or swat away flies. It comprises of fat, muscle, nerves, and blood vessels without any bone or cartilage. It could lead to more serious conditions, such as spina bifida.

Polymastia mean appearance of an unexpected breast on the human body. Extra breasts likely surface in the same spot supernumerary nipples grow: the milk line which runs down the torso and to the groin. But they can also show up on the buttocks, the back, the hip, or even the face. Third breasts could carry nipple and lactate. There could be a malignant tumor housed inside and threaten the patient’s life.

Hypertrichosis also called Ambras syndrome or ‘werewolf syndrome’ is described as excessive hair growth — all over the body or only in concentrated areas. It’s a genetic condition, however, may also be acquired later in life in relation to cancer, for instance. Up till now barely 60 cases of ‘werewolf syndrome’ have been reported. In 2010, Supatra “Nat” Sasuphan of Thailand won a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as the hairiest teenager.