A teenager who was unable to drink a glass of water without being sick, was discovered with a gigantic hair ball blocking her digestive system. Ayperi Alekseeva, from Kyrgyzstan, for years carried on picking up hair from the carpet and ingesting it. She even nibbled the tips of her hair. Eventually she turned to a hospital, and the doctors there extracted a hairball weighing almost 9lb (4kg) from inside her body.

Doctors say the emergency surgery, averted a certain death – because the 18 year old girl was badly dehydrated and malnourished. They added that they went back 50 years checking medical records — and failed to find any evidence of such a large hairball. Miss Alekseeva suffered acute stomach pain and was rushed to the hospital, in the town of Batken.


X-rays revealed that there was a blockage, so doctors referred her to Bishkek Hospital in country’s capital for surgery. The hospital’s senior professor of surgery, Bahadir Bebezov, said: ‘The girl had lost lots of weight, and was unable to eat anything.’

‘We discerned that an immediate operation was inevitable,’ Bahadir Bebezov added. ‘It was actually the only alternative, nothing else would solve the problem. ‘With her stomach badly swollen from hair and bits of wool from the carpet, it simply oozed out the instant wall of the stomach was cut.’ Miss Alekseeva has now vowed she’ll never chew her hair again.