Life is precious but as we live only for a while, we cannot do many constructive works in this duration. As life is very precious you can do something positive like donating blood to others. Your little effort may save a people’s life. Do you have any idea behind this you may get many advantages? Let’s discuss:

1. You can save 3 people’s lives

Every year by donating blood you can save 3 people’s lives. As your blood cell die after four months you can donate blood after every after four months so four lives may save by your great efforts. Laboratory-examined that donating blood not only savior of a people’s life but also generating donor’s blood circulation.

2. To know about your blood

When people donate blood they may know their blood group. Then blood bank tests the blood for searching infection. Hence, by donating blood you may know about your blood’s test result.

3. Reduce your heart diseases risk

Heart disease has become a main disease among adult. If you donate blood, some iron will remove from your body. Many researchers reported that an optimal level of iron in your body may reduce heart disease. If you donate blood you can control your body’s cholesterol level and may prevent heart disease.

4. Chronic Diseases

You may hear Thalassemia . You know that Thalassemia is a genetic disorder. In this case abnormal level of hemoglobin produces in human’s body. Only solution for such patient is transferring blood regularly. Also some patients underlying blood cancer, they also need blood after a constant time. So think if you do not donate, what will happens to them?

5. Blood cannot be stored

Some people think that donating blood may decrease body’s blood amount. But blood can only store in body for four months. Blood banks cannot store blood for more than four months. So every people should donate blood after 3-4 months constantly.

6. It’s easy and safe

From childhood many people’s have fear on needles. But actually there is nothing to fear for donating blood. You don’t even recognize the syringe in your hand during donating blood. There always professional for blood collecting and needles will not reused so it’s safe and easy.

7. Continuance of normal life.

Our blood’s irons carry oxygen and other hormone. And patients need such element in their body to maintain balance. If you donate blood you may help a person to live. It is a quite mental satisfaction and you may lead a normal life.

8. Reduces Risk of Brain Strokes

If you donate blood you may have lower risk of Brain Stroke. Generally it was reported that 35% lower risk by donating blood. Besides, few another studies also reported that a person can reduce risk of Brain Stroke up to 85% by donating blood.

9. Gives a Feeling of Satisfaction

If you donate blood of course it is a noble job, it brings in your life more satisfactions, peace, happiness etc. If you did such noble job of course it brings peoples love in your life.

10. Work More Productively and Efficiently

When you donate blood, the blood will fill up within 48-72 hours. Though red blood cells need 6-8 weeks to replace, such process make your body more effective, healthy, strong and fresh. So donating blood not only saves one’s life but also make you more productive and efficient.