When you don’t share anything with your partner, and live like strangers divorce is bound to occur. A successful relationship needs to be fueled by communication.

If partners don’t agree on finances – sooner or later divorce can occur.

If partners feel that marriage is a road-block in their life goals, a marriage ends-up in a divorce.

Trust is needed to keep relationships alive. If there’s no trust your marriage will die soon.

If expectations are too many and cannot be easily fulfilled it puts a strain on the relationships.

WhyDivorcesOccur6If a partner cannot sense your desires and doesn’t try to satiate your cravings, marriage is expected to end anytime.

Quickly adapting to the changes in lifestyle makes relationships stronger. Making compromises and seeking a middle path is needed at that time.

Fights emanate out of jealousy. Never question each other’s intentions.

Conflicting religious and cultural viewpoints can hamper a healthy relationship. Lack of commitment towards adapting and practicing these values, can cause a break in relationship.

If a parter abuses the other – it can trigger hatred, and anger. Relationship cannot sustain in such a vicious environment.