If you have good writing skills, money is a good idea, I think you have the money by submitting articles. It is so difficult. You need to have a little research and then write articles that focus on improving your skills. You can submit your articles, there are hundreds of websites. However, beware of sites that you may be stupid. Generally, these areas do not receive a lot of traffic or search engines is very high quality. Here is the best sites I have found your submissions that you are paying.



Ehow writers writing style, how-submit ‘, and a residual income, where money is a Web site. eHow revenue sharing sites is called the classes of new web sites. The writer of these sites, members of the advertising revenue-sharing measure page views per article, or a combination of a small amount of money Posted allows each article.

Yahoo! Contributor Network


This site’s writers, photographers, and videographers worldwide and hundreds of millions of people to share their knowledge and passion. Between $ 2.00 and $ 4.00 per article, it pays to measure. $ 8.00 per article – however, if your article will get more Layegi, you can earn $ 6.00. In addition, each 1000 displays of your article, you will receive $ 1.50.



Helium is a lot of ways to write, you publish the articles under the titles or new titles can be submitted. When you get to see the articles presented only for helium. At some sections, you can submit, but to get the money in a low price. You earn money when they get helium in the market, the market for high quality articles you write about the need to win the seat. However, market opening has no place. There is a fierce competition.



You can become an expert in any field, where is the money! You’re the best part of Squidoo eBay listings, Amazon, Google AdSense ads are always present, such as “squidoo money making modules” can be added to many, that you will specify the salary, writing articles, images, allows you to add your favorite links, squidoo people.



Triond beginning writers, and talented writers is a great website. Each content item Triond income is calculated as follows: Revenues = Page Views * eRPM / 1000. “ERPM them simply Or,, refers to the amount of revenue generated for every 1,000 page views. ERPM media type and content of the topic is “affected. You can register on Triond



Where is the money the writers to write reviews on products. Also any goods, hi-end techniques, institutions, hotels, politics, cities, stores on your street or your neighbor: you can review anything around you including?



Where you can write about anything you want. And your Google AdSense, Amazon and help, and 60% of the pressures of using eBay to help get the codes.



There is a website to purchase this content. Here you can keep your job, then you can not buy the publishers and webmasters.



Helium and Triond similar. Only here you can earn money with Bukisa by integrating your Google AdSense or Chitika.



This Web Site Google AdSense, Chitika and Amazon Connect enables authors to earn money through the program. Also, you can see people InfoBarrel reference to income.