A refreshing shower washes away all types of stress and fatigue from a tiring and busy day. Children also enjoy the pleasure

able dancing and singing under the shower. All this arises the need of a best shower head in our bathrooms .A good shower head will also save some of our time in rushing out of our wits in the morning to reach office on time. While choosing a shower head that meets your needs you must consider some of things that should be considered are discussed here:

Fullfil the need:

Most of us want to have stylish and elegant accessories in our bathroom. But at the same time they should fulfill the utility as well. Lets’ take an example, shower heads that fall under the ‘rain shower’ variety are opposed by the reviews of the shower heads. They make your bathroom look elegant but what’s the point of using them when you are not able to enjoy a steady speed of water which provides water pressure of 1-2 gallons in a minute’s time. These are good and stylish shower heads but the water pressure is low.So buy a shower head according to your need of high or low water pressure.

Provision of adjustable water pressure:

A best shower head is one in which you can regulate the water pressure. Such shower heads come with separate knobs for the adjustment of the water flow and are available at affordable prices.

Shower head with light:

If you are willing to spend some extra bucks on style then XL Z94 from Zucchetti is the best shower head as it has an inbuilt lamp that emanates a mild and soothing light to give you a pleasant showering experience and transform your bathroom like that in a seven star property. Some other top brands also have this feature.

Easy Cleaning Facilities with filter:

Cleaning a shower head is not so easy unless and until the heads are designed in such a way to have provision for fast and convenient cleaning. This is also one of the important features that customers are looking while buying a best shower head for their bathroom. Top brands offer shower heads that have detachable shower faces for convenient cleaning. It is possible if the shower heads have rubber nozzles or easy to clean pores.Another feature that is available in latest and best shower heads is the provision of changeable cartridges which are suitable for people who have no time to clean the shower heads.Aquasana and April shower are companies that have filters for de-chlorinating and ph balancing of the water.

Assess the cost, installation and maintenance:

Before taking a decision on the installation of a particular shower head, consider the price, installation and maintenance cost of the shower head as these have to be paid by you. Go through the catalogs of some selective shower heads and choose the best one. So if you have got a shower head that has both a regulator to control water pressure and a filter then you should feel happy as you have found the best shower head for your bathroom.Now enjoy showering!