Android Apps

Seesmic logoAlthough there are so many Twitter apps for android but Seesmic is a better choice. This is because this app offers support for multiple account, home page shows all the latest tweets and another interesting thing is that it comes with a sleek and professional design which shows one of the finest examples of app development in today’s world.

Facebook for Android

facebook for androidFacebook for android is a free app on Facebook but it does not offer the facility to use all the features of Facebook. But still a latest update that includes an added Inbox support in the Android app allows the users to communicate with each other in real time. This app works very fast.

National Rail Enquiries

railNational Rail finally launches its free app version. With the help of this application, one can check timings of different train, plan their journeys on time and also get the updates on any type of delays. In this app, you need to select your home and work station of train and then with the help of “Get me home” button one can see the available trains on a particular day.

UK Jobs

uk jobsThis app is a very useful app for job hunters. It offers a complete database for the current job vacancies and all the data from one of the best free android apps and employment site is pulled by this application so that you can browse through so many options. This proves very useful and it is a non-government tool.


New OutlookAfter teaming up between the Microsoft and developer SEVEN, this app was developed. It gives its user access to simple, clean surface with push notification support and helps to manage the multiple Hotmail accounts for free. This seems a very useful option for those whose email needs have not been assimilated by Google. Keeping in mind the Microsoft changes to the mill site, it’s reamed as Outlook app.

Google Sky Map

google skyOne can view the accurate representation of the stars and plants on the screen of a mobile with this application. All you need to do is point your phone towards the sky and learn what type of constellation are visible , guess if it is a UFO or just Venus. This app also works indoors.


foursquareFoursquare app is represented in the best form of android as it offers easy access to integrated Google Maps, one click check ins give you the best Google-branded experience .A home page shortcut on this app will take you through all your favorite places.


how to change a skin step 5Winamp, yup, it is the same name which is in existence since ling for listening music. This is one of the best free  Android apps. It offers support for iTunes, Mac syncing, loads of options for music streaming, lists of all new releases and Shout cast integration to offer the best support for listening radio shows.

Samsung Chat On

Chat OnThere are plenty of social messaging tools on android but a multi-platform support is offered by the Samsung’s Chat On. It is one of the best ways to stay in touch with people who are using simple non-smart feature phones. Some of the other features available on this phone are drawing, image sharing and social networking features.

RAC Traffic

rac logoThis app is an official production of RAC Traffic, a motoring organization. This app gives an estimate of the location via a mobile signal and then the current status of the traffic pops up on the screen. This app is much better than listening to a radio and waiting for the traffic updates.