JetovatorIron Man is the most loved fictional comic book hero in the world. Don’t you agree? Well, here’s an exciting news for you — now you can relish a limited experience of how Iron Man feels while using a jetpack. Called Jetovator the ‘Iron Man’ jetpack is seducing celebrities by the dozen. These water toys have the power to uplift a passenger up to 9 meters into the sky by putting into service powerful thrusters that will let you ‘fly’ across lakes.


Jetovator4Leonardo DiCaprio, Liam Payne and Nicola Sherzinger and many others are fans of Jetovator. If you wanna own one you’ll have to shell out $6,975. The gizmo is powered by a 15.2 meters long hose that shoots water jets – in turn lift the rider up in air. Rob Innes had been pondering over the idea since 20 years but came up with a prototype in 2011.


Jetovator6Entrepreneur Innes asserts that Jetovator is kinda similar to riding a bike while bestowing ‘aerial capabilities of a fighter aircraft’. The company, also dubbed Jetovator, explains that movement mainly hinge on rider leaning either left or right for steering purposes. The gadget can submerge up to a depth of 3 meters.


Jetovator8In words of Mr. Innes, ‘It’s very easy to operate and quick to master. People don’t need to be very athletic or skilled to do it so it’s very popular. It is much much easier to learn and safer than water skiing, wakeboarding, wind surfing or kitesurfing.’

Jetovator9With Jetovator you can perform different stunts like barrel rolls and backflips. And people can join up to perform formation Jetovatoring. Doesn’t it sound exciting, folks?