The boy who was killed by a falling sacrificial goat


In October 2014 a sacrificial goat landed on the head of a schoolboy, killing him on the spot. The The 13-year-old’s father, Mehmet brought the goat into town for sacrifice on the Muslim feast day of Eid al-Adha. He kept the goat on the roof above the family’s home on the top floor. The goat fell from there and died along with the boy. The police said it was the first such case they had heard of. The tragedy happened in Diyarbakir, south-eastern Turkey.

The philosopher who died after a flying eagle dropped a turtle on his head


In 455 BC, Aeschylus, a distinguished playwriter declared the Father of Greek Tragedy, lost his life in the most abrupt manner. Allegedly a tortoise dropped by an eagle fell on his head. Some others argue that the bird in question was the Lammergeier vulture, a very common genus in southern Europe 2,000 years ago. As carrion feeders, they binge on the bones of dead animals – left behind by other vultures. Lammergeiers lug large bones high in the air and let those fall on rocks before plummeting to feed on the exposed marrow.

The woman who was crushed to death by huge Taco Bell sign


Chambers, Nebraska resident Diana Durre was killed when a 75-foot (23 m) Taco Bell sign dropped on top of the truck cab she was in. The pole came apart at a welded joint around 15 feet (4.5 m) above the ground caused by strong wind and the sign fell exactly on top of the quad-cab pickup.

Diana had agreed to meet a Wyoming couple regarding sale of some dogs – in North Platte, Nebraska, at about 1 p.m., ”right underneath the big Taco Bell sign.”

The woman who was killed after being hit by a falling gargoyle from a historic church


Sarah Bean lost her life in the most odd way – a decorative metal came loose from the outside wall of the Second Presbyterian Church, and hit Bean, 34, squarely on the head as she walked along the sidewalk outside the church. She died almost instantly. Sarah was headed to Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago when the accident occurred.

The city’s Buildings Department reported that the church committed such violations like not maintaining an interior stairway system in safe condition and not removing obstructions from building exits.

The man who was killed by an air conditioning that fell from the 7th floor


New York turns quite humid in summers calling for air conditioning. Alas, in 1988 a man walking down East 23d Street was fatally injured when an air conditioner tumbled from the window of a building, plummeted seven stories and banged him on the head. Vito DeGiorgio, 37 years old, of Dobbs Ferry was carried to Bellevue Hospital Center where he was pronounced dead.

The football fan killed by a flying lawnmower


The Patriots hosted by The Jets in December 1979, at Shea Stadium turned fatal for a 20-year-old boy named John Bowen. At halftime Electronic Eagles of the Radio Control Association of Greater New York appeared on the field to flaunt their collection of model airplanes. One of the planes built like a lawnmower flew into the stands and hit John Bowen. The boy reportedly ‘looked like he had been attacked by an ax.’ Emergency surgery was done on Bowen however he died after a few days.

The Colombian man who died after a coconut fell on his head


In August 2010, a 69-year-old man was sitting in a rocking chair outside his home in Melgar, Colombia when suddenly a coconut came crashing down out of a 12-meter (39 ft) palm and struck him. Jose Abelino Ramirez sustained severe injuries to his skull and brain which caused his death.

The Brazilian soccer fan who was killed by flying toilet


The venue was a stadium in the World Cup host city of Recife – a toilet bowl hurled by someone struck a fan, killing him almost instantly. In 2014 around 40 days before the World Cup began, a fight broke out following a match between Santa Cruz and Parana at the Arruda Stadium. Some fans ripped out three toilets from a lavatory and tossed them from the stands at rivals on the streets below. One of the toilets hit and killed the young man on the spot.

The two Canadians who were fatally hit by a flying bear


In 2011 a freak accident killed two Canadians instantly – a car hit a 440-pound (200-kg) black bear, and sent the animal flying right across the windshield of an oncoming vehicle. The bear banged into a 25-year-old female driver and a 40-year-old man sitting behind her and then shot out of the back window. The bear was killed as well. The tragedy occurred in a rural area about 25 miles north of Ottawa.