Ebola terror in America has climbed to an all new level – on Wednesday, a passenger at Washington, DC’s Dulles Airport was spotted wearing a partial-Hazmat suit while waiting for a flight. The anonymous woman was spotted sitting in an airport lounge, attired in a transparent blue plastic suit; the suit covered her arms partially, leaving her wrists exposed. Alongside a second nurse was diagnosed with the deadly disease in Dallas, Texas.

Daily Caller published this picture, on Wednesday, and claimed the photographer who gave the photo to their reporter skipped asking the woman why she had gone to such extreme lengths. America’s ‘patient zero’ Thomas Eric Duncan flew into Texas last month from Liberia, with a stopover at Dulles, however, health officials assert he was not displaying symptoms of the virus at that moment and hence unable to spread the disease.


Nonetheless, Amber Vinson, the second nurse to catch the disease after treating Duncan, flew on a commercial flight with a low-grade fever on Monday, the day before she checked into hospital with further symptoms of the virus.

The CDC affirmed today that they allowed her to board the flight, because her temperature was lower than the threshold of 100.4F. Anyway, the health organization’s Director Thomas Frieden at first said it was unwise of her to board a commercial flight, since she had treated Duncan in the first ‘high-risk’ days of his stay at Texas Health Presbyterian hospital.


Miss Vinson, 29, took a chartered jet on Wednesday evening from Dallas, and she flew into Atlanta, Georgia, the same day – where she is being treated at Emory University Hospital. The CDS meanwhile made an attempt to calm fliers by explaining that Ebola is caught only through an exchange of bodily fluids, and doesn’t spread through casual contact.