Iphone6 is the most sought after gadget on Internet today, nonetheless, another Apple gadget will land on the market soon; it’s touted as the most secure gadget of its kind. News from Korea is that the suppliers are belting up in order to start production for the iPad Air 2 later this month.

The gadget will feature an 8Mp camera, and have an enhanced processor running it PLUS most likely will be embellished with Apple’s fingerprint scanner in order to unlock the device once it has been locked. It’ll further sport new and improved security features — the ones been announced by Apple for iOS8, making it the most secure tablet ever made.

As per a rumor production of the displays has already started and most likely the gadget will be up for sale by the end of October 2014. The iPad Air 2 will carry the same screen size as iPad Air (9.7 inch retina LCD display) with a resolution of 2048×1536.

As per another rumor its thickness too will be the same —- 0.3” and will weigh around 470 g. It’s likely that Air 2 will also pack the iSight technology to enable low-light shots and slow motion video filming. It’ll have an updated A8 processor which is 50% faster than A7.


Whatever the final product we get to see —– Apple going by the traditions will spring a surprise this time. Check out the youtube video below for more: