wifi health problems

Wi-fi is a handy thing that’s why its use has increased dramatically in the past couple of years. Browsing from any device be it phones, laptops, computers, and tablets is done using Wi-Fi. So, it’s critical to learn how it effects our health. If we go by scientific results — they are shocking.

Wi-Fi Health Dangers

Wi-Fi is affecting our health in the negative sense. As per a study 40% of people living in modern and urban areas have complaints that are related to excessive accumulation of EMFs; whilst 8% have more serious complications.

Mild Symptoms

Often we are not aware about our body reacting to those invisible fields. The symptoms are obscure and look like other diseases; however, if the following symptoms are nagging you, then just shut your Wi-Fi and note down the effects.

1 Dizziness
2 Spontaneous and stubborn headaches
3 Sleep disorders
4 Unexplainable fatigue
5 Brain fog or memory loss
6 Mild feelings of depression or anxiety
7 Digestive disorders
8 Serious Healthy Issues

Scientists have just started to decipher the negative effects of Wi-Fi, as it is a very new thing. So far they have deduced that EMFs might be connected to varied severe health issues – most vulnerable are children and more sensitive people. Prolonged exposure can cause:

1 Insomnia
3 Reduced sperm count or infertility
4 Damaging childhood development
5 Birth defects
6 Parkinson’s
7 Chronic migraine
8 Heart rhythm disorders or palpitations
9 Cancer

How To Reduce The Dangers Of Wi-Fi?

As per predictions by some people number of hotspots will triple by 2015. We are literally surrounded by EMFs. Signals are being beamed straight from people’s pockets or purses. Stores, restaurants, and bars — and even our homes; Wi-Fi is everywhere. So, it’s almost impossible to stay away from these dangerous EMFs.

Certain things you can try to make your body strong and which help it reject radiation are:

1 Use landlines more often than other devices. At home and office install corded phone or internet connection.
Keep phone away from your body and don’t put it in your pocket.
Keep laptop off your lap.
2 Opt for messaging in place of calling. Holding phone directly to your brain is dangerous.
3 Children are more vulnerable to the lethal effects of Wi-Fi and EMFs – so keep them away from cell phones.
4 Put the phone in airplane mode whenever you can.
5 Switch-off your phone, laptop, or tablet at night.
6 If you want to keep your cell phone on at night — avoid putting it on your nightstand, instead leave it downstairs or in another room.
7 Eat a nutritious, and well-balanced diet to boost immune system. A strong immune system helps repel radiation effects.

More and more studies are associating Wi-Fi to DNA damage, sleeping disorders, and cancer; so we should wake up to the dangers, and try cut exposures as much as possible.