Your daily rummage for power cables will be over.

A team of researchers from Korea has presented an untested wireless recharging system that’ll boost mobile of every person in the office wirelessly.

The system can carry power up to a 5 meters range, and simultaneously charge around 40 phones, and have the potency to power a TV.

Christened the ‘Dipole Coil Resonant System’, it holds a range of 5m – making it the longest wireless power system built thus far.

‘The mode of getting power in electronic devices has seen a sea change in the last couple decades, transitioning from the wired to the non-wired,’ the researchers opine.

‘Users today relish a slew of wireless electronic gadgets which include cell phones, mobile displays, tablet PCs, and surprisingly batteries.

Chun T. Rim, a professor of Nuclear & Quantum Engineering at KAIST in Korea, opined the system has the potency to power bigger items.

”Using a DCRS you can power a big screen LED TV plus three 40 W-fans from a 5 meter range.”

With our technology there’s a likelihood of a new remote power portage mechanism, which hasn’t been tested at such lengthy distance so far.

This system will emulate Wi-Fi zones that are every where today – tons of Wi-power zones will come up at places such as restaurants, & streets that give electric power wirelessly to electronic devices.