samsung-galaxy-watchA big news that was unpacked in an event of Samsung in Germany was not of a new Smartphone or a tablet but a smart watch which is launched with name”Galaxy Gear”. This smart entry of Samsung into the nascent  category of Watches offers all the facilities like that of a Smartphone. This watch can be used  for calling purposes, texting messages, download apps and captures pictures and videos.

But as this device is designed as a companion device so one has to pair it with a Smartphone for better functioning. But we cannot say it that it is a drawback as all other smart watches works on the same process.

Another extraordinary feature is that this watch is compatible with the new Galaxy Note III and 10.12014 edition only which were also launched at the time of the launch of this watch. For users of Galaxy S3, S4 and Note II users, a software upgrade in the month of October will make it compatible with them.

The galaxy gear appeal is limited as some other smart watches by Sony, Pebble and WIMM are compatible to use used with any Android Smartphone or tablet. This gives Galaxy gear a tough interaction between a smart watch and phone.


Software features

Home screen and operating system:

Home screen and operating systemThe operating system of Samsung galaxy watch is Android but it is a modified version that is optimized for small 1.66 inch touch screen also. On this watch, there are no widgets, multiple home screen and multi-tasking toolbars that users of Smartphone are aware of. It just has a simple face of the clock and a menu system which is icon based and shows only a single option at a particular moment. But with simple gestures of swipe, you can navigate through different menu options like call logs, camera, apps and files.

Pre-installed apps:

Pre-installed appsSome of the apps that are pre-installed in Samsung galaxy watch are basic functions like notifications, stopwatch, calendar and some other features which are considered as complicated. Voice memo app that translates the voice into text and the pedometer app that records the number of steps you take in a day are all pre-installed-voice app of Galaxy S4’s notebook which helps you to make calls, launch apps and check the status of weather with the help of voice commands are all inbuilt apps.

Compatibility and search option:

Compatibility and search optionAs the galaxy Gear is compatible to Note III as for now which has enabled Samsung to integrate with these two devices tightly. Not able to search your galaxy Smartphone? Just initiate found my device feature on the Galaxy Gear which will make it to beep loudly and you can get it if it’s within the Bluetooth range. When the Note III’s screen is 1.5 meters away from the Galaxy Gear then the Auto Lock feature will lock the Note III.
The gear manager app will help to change any time the face of the clock and install newer apps.

Hardware design:

Galaxy gear is a very smart looking gadget. It has a 1.63 inch color touch screen .A matte silver bezel is used for framing and the band is available in six attractive tones ranging from jet black to rose gold and some eye catching colors like wild orange and lemony green variant.


WristbandThe wrist band is made up of textured rubber material that is very sturdy for use in everyday life and the end of soft touch gives a premium feel that gives the best match to other Samsung galaxy watch upmarket aesthetics.

Use of microphones:

Although the display is not very large but this watch is very light weight. Two microphones are placed on either side of the watch .One works for cancelling all noise while making calls and the speaker on the other side in built into the buckle of the wrist band.


CameraA 1.9 megapixel camera is built on the top end of the watch but we cannot say that this positioning is very idea as to capture images one has to move the Samsung galaxy watch and the screen gives limited viewing angles.


A small battery of 315 mAh means that you have to charge it frequently as you charge your smart phones but roughly it is estimated to give a runtime of 25 hours. The charger of this watch has a look of leather dock that covers the watch face and can easily be plugged into a wall socket.
Date of launch and price: It is expected to be released with Galaxy Note III in more than 140 countries from 25th September. The release in Australia is expected to close than this date and not simultaneous. The price of this Samsung galaxy watch has not been declared yet.